Naracoorte Primary School has a large, active student body. The students achieve high academic standards and impressive sporting success. They have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of activities such as choir, instrumental music and pedal prix. Students are supported in developing their resiliency and spirituality through their access to our School Counsellor and our Pastoral Care Worker (formerly “Chaplain”).

Students are also educated on the importance of looking after their brains and bodies through the Crunch & Sip program; they're encouraged to have water bottles on their tables, may eat brain food (fruit, vegies & nuts) throughout the day and are given regular exercise breaks. This knowledge is also enhanced by personal development programs like Play is the Way and Learning to Learn (based on Brain Theory).


The students have a representative council called “SRC” (Student Representative Council). Each class elects two student representatives who attend weekly meetings to bring up any issues or ideas from their peers. The SRC provides ideas and feedback to the principal and governing council on school matters, as well as supporting a variety of charities and organising many “fun” events. A staff member acts as a liaison teacher for the group.

Year 7 students interested in being members of the Student Executive group, write applications for the four available positions. They are then interviewed and a smaller group is selected to present election campaigns to the rest of the school. Students then vote and four school captains are appointed. This executive group attend the Young Leaders' Forum in Adelaide and are responsible for chairing meetings, organising charity fundraisers, initiating & guiding changes within the school, MCing major events and representing the school at formal events.

Young Leaders Conference

House Captains

In addition to our SRC, we also have Sporting Leaders who represent their House Team. Two Captains and Vice Captains are elected for each House and they co-ordinate lunch time sporting activities, Sports Day and the collection of House Points which are awarded each day for positive school citizenship and behaviour. House Captains lead their teams in the Sports Day March and often raise money for Sports Equipment.

Surnames are used to determine which house a student is in.

  • Robertson A-Do

  • Magarey Dp-Ki

  • MacIntosh Kj-Roe

  • Cameron Rof-Z

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