Pedal Prix 2016
In 2016 our school is involved in five rounds of Pedal Prix.

An Information Meeting is generally held during Term 1. This is advertised in the newsletter and interested students take home notices about this meeting. The meeting provides staff, students and families with the opportunity to talk about Pedal Prix, answer any questions and start planning for the year. 

The dates for the rounds this year are:

  • Round 1 Mt Gambier April 1st-2nd
  • Round 2 Loxton May 14-15th
  • Round 3  Adelaide Race 1 Victoria Park Racecourse Adelaide June 18-19th
  • Round 3 Adelaide Race 2 Victoria Park Racecourse Adelaide July 30th-31stth
  • Round 4 Brusselton WA - NPS not participating in this round
  • Round 5  Murray Bridge 24 Hour Race Sept 24-25th

Pedal Prix is a fantastic experience, but it does require commitment to training and behavioural, attitude and work related goals for a major part of the year.
Training for the students involves riders undertaking a daily fitness program before school, designed to prepare them for the gruelling races.
The program, run over the week, consists of:

  • a 10 minute run around school oval twice a week
  • a fitness circuit in school hall twice a week
  • sprint training once a week

We need to ensure that all riders are physically prepared. We include extra cycling sessions at lunchtimes with a combination of short and long cycling sessions outside of the school grounds. Cyclists will be carefully supervised at all times and will need to have their bikes and helmets at school each day. Storage of bikes at school overnight is possible for students who normally travel to school by bus. Students who live in town would be expected to ride each day (weather permitting) as part of their fitness program.  Parents are expected to ensure that students' bikes are roadworthy and that helmets are in good condition and fit well.  Students are also required to use their bike helmets when riding in the Pedal Prix events.

All riders require a t-shirt – the jumper is optional.

The shirt and jumper have Naracoorte Primary School and our team name “Park Terrace Pedallers” in our school colours with a picture logo included.  To check sizes there are examples of the t-shirts and jumpers at school.
Shirts and jumpers are available for any team members, parents and siblings.

If you have any questions please contact either Rob or Marie at school.