Pedal Prix

The school's Pedal Prix involvement began in 2006 with a second-hand vehicle purchased and modified to compete in the Murray Bridge 24 hour event. In 2006, 62 Year 6 students were involved in all aspects of the Pedal Prix from riding to media and PR, catering, mechanics and logistics. 

Due to the success of the 2006 program and the massive interest from both the students and community, the program has ‘snowballed’ and is currently available to all Year 6 and 7 students. 

Through the support of the Lions' Club, a second vehicle was bought in 2007 so two teams are now entered each year. This higher tech vehicle brought our school a Top 10 finish in its very first event.

A third vehicle was privately purchased to support students going off to high schools where no pedal prix program was available; Naracoorte High School has now joined the Pedal Prix program and runs its own car; most of the high school team are ex-NPS scholars.

Strong parent and community support has been paramount to the success of this project.

Pedal Prix with the Premier

With Premier Rann in 2009


Given the location of the school, within walking distance of sporting facilities, museums, town centre, art gallery, sound shell, high school and child care centres, students regularly participate in excursions to enhance their hands-on learning. The Naracoorte Caves and Bool Lagoon are only a short bus trip away. The Nature Park adjoins the school and is used regularly as a teaching resource. An Environmental Project is currently underway to improve the use of the Nature Walk and introduce local Aboriginal heritage experiences.


Students in Years 5 and 7 participate in a School Camp Program each year.  The Year 5 students go to Ballarat, participating in a range of activities designed to give them a deeper understanding of the Gold Rush and it's influence upon Australian Culture. The Year 7 students attend Aquatic Camp, where they canoe, sail, surf and kayak. These camps are held in Adelaide at the West Lakes complex.

The Year 4 and 6 students have a “Big Day Out". The Year 4s head  to a location within a four hour radius of Naracoorte (sometimes over the Victorian border) while the Year 6s travel to Monarto Zoo, where they participate in both fun and educational activities .

Birthday Book Club

Each year parents can subscribe to the Birthday Book Club where, for a small cost, a book is bought for the library to celebrate their child's birthday; a plaque is placed in the front of the book indicating the child's name, their birthday and the year the book was donated.


The school has an extensive Sporting program, beginning with daily Fitness in all classes. Sport is a normal part of each class program.

School based teams operate with Football, Netball and Cricket, while twelve other town based sporting options are also on offer. A calendar of sports, times, venues and contacts is available.

The school manages its own Sports Day and Cross Country competition. SAPSASA Sports are a regular inclusion in the school sporting program and NPS has a long history of students who have gone on to represent SA in their chosen sport.

Premier's Reading Challenge

All students are encouraged to participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge each year. We now have a large number of students who have been awarded Legend Medals. Over 95 percent of all students are successfully completing the PRC each year.


In addition to our comprehensive sports program and SAPSASA opportunities, our school taps into a variety of outside sporting bodies each year. Glen Mathieson, a highly skilled  junior basketball coach, runs intensive basketball sessions over a month with each class. Other groups to regularly visit the school include the SACA Milo Cricket coaches, the Glenelg footballers and the SA Hockey Association.


Choir is held on a weekly basis, and is now run by Heidi Yelland. Choir students are given the opportunity to participate in the Festival of Music concerts held both in the SE and Adelaide. Students also have access to instrumental music lessons via the duct system, with face to face lessons offered in brass instruments, guitar and piano.  

Footsteps Dance Company

Each year students are involved in a week's worth of dance lessons with professional dance company "Footsteps". There is a large focus on social skills & traditional partner dances. Teachers and parents are also encouraged to participate in these lessons. The dances, both modern and traditional, are then used throughout the year during social functions and discos. 

Our Junior Primary classes participate in weekly dance sessions and many of the dances taught there are performed at our day and night assemblies.

Footsteps Dance

Cross Country

Each year students participate in a Fun Run. NPS also hosts the SE Cross Country competition through the natural bushland adjoining the school, involving students from all over the South East. NPS has had many students go on to National level cross country competition.  

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